Bordered by 16 500 km (10 250 miles) of coastline. With nearly 800 isles. 282 mountains called Munros, Ben Nevis being the highest which rises to 1 345 m (4 413 feet). More than 38 000 lochs. Its dramatic landscapes. 5,4 million courteous and hospitable inhabitants. Its lush wildlife, such as deers in the glens, pine martens or red squirrels in various forests as the Caledonian forests, whales, dolphins, seals visible all along the coasts, puffins, razorbills and other seabirds nesting on steep cliff walls, wild salmons and trouts leaping on the differents waterfalls (on of the most famous being the Falls of Shin). Scotland is certainly one of the last countries in Europe that have kept its proximity to nature. Where the ecology is integrated with everyday life and as a result to keeps his beauty in a pure state. Photos were taken in different places of the Highlands.


Wailing Widow waterfallsWailing Widow waterfallsCastle FraserStanding stonesDunnottar CastleArdvreck CastleClashnessie waterfallsRhue PointRhue PointView from the Buachaille Etive BeagView from the Buachaille Etive BeagBuachaille Etive Mòr and the waterfallBuachaille Etive Mòr and the waterfallStac Pollaidh